CHP slams AKP for not briefing parliament on ‘Operation Olive Branch’

CHP slams AKP for not briefing parliament on ‘Operation Olive Branch’

CHP slams AKP for not briefing parliament on ‘Operation Olive Branch’

Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) spokesperson Bülent Tezcan criticized the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) for initiating “Operation Olive Branch” in the northwestern Syrian city of Afrin without informing the parliament, stating the operation should not be instrumentalized for inner politics.

“The parliament should have been informed right away. There is no point waiting until Jan. 30. This issue should not be restrained as a matter of a political party,” Tezcan said on Jan. 24, following the CHP’s Central Executive Board Meeting in Ankara.

Turkish Parliament has been on vacation from Jan. 18 and will be on break until Jan. 30.

Since “Operation Olive Branch” was launched on Jan. 20, the opposition party has criticized the AKP government for its initiation of the operation while parliament was on break.

“It is unacceptable. As we have said before, ‘Operation Olive Branch’ is not an operation of a political party, nor a matter of domestic politics. To present it as if it is at the center of a party, to announce it during party congresses and to inform the public through public congresses are unacceptable,” Tezcan said, criticizing the ruling party for announcing the operation through AKP sources.

“What should have been done was to summon the parliamentary assembly and give a briefing there immediately,” he added.

“Why wait until Jan. 30? Is it such an unimportant matter?” Tezcan asked.

The CHP spokesperson reiterated the main opposition party’s support to the military operation into Afrin as “part of a national and border security issue,” stating that they support a “political solution” in the war-torn country.

“Operation Olive Branch should aim to make a political solution and a political outcome, which will ensure Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity to be the priority of the agenda after the operation,” he said.

“Within this framework, it is necessary to focus on a political solution,” Tezcan added.