China’s Guo ends epic sail of 12 years

China’s Guo ends epic sail of 12 years

BEIJING - Agence France-Presse
China’s Guo ends epic sail of 12 years

This file photo shows Guo posing with the Chinese national flag before sailing.

Chinese yachtsman Guo Chuan on April 5 became the first sailor from China to complete a non-stop solo circumnavigation of the globe.

The former scientist returned to the northeastern port city of Qingdao, his home town, after a gruelling five-and-a-half month voyage and immediately paid tribute to his late father.

“He passed away in 2011 when I was training in Europe. It’s been a regret that I failed to bid him farewell,” state news agency Xinhua quoted him saying.

“I wish he could see me today.” The 47-year-old set off on the epic trip last November, completing the 21,600 nautical mile journey travelling east via Cape Horn in Chile.

Guo, who has been sailing for 12 years after previously working on China’s commercial satellite programme, also becomes the first man to sail around the world in an Akilaria Class 40 yacht -- a 40ft monohull sailboat.

In 2006, Guo became the first Chinese sailor to take part in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.