Central Anatolian lake turns pink due to bacteria

Central Anatolian lake turns pink due to bacteria

KONYA – Demirören News Agency
Central Anatolian lake turns pink due to bacteria

The Meyil Obruk Lake in the Central Anatolian province of Konya has turned pink due to the bacteria formation resulting from high temperature and low water level, an academic from Konya Technical University has said.

“The change of the color depends on the tremendous increase of bacteria due to the decrease of the water level as we see here in the Tuz Lake or the Meke Lake in the region,” Fetullah Arık, the head of the Department of Geological Engineering, said yesterday.

The pinkness of the Meyil Obruk Lake, located in the Karapınar district, is a result of artemia salina bacteria, said Arık, adding some details about the sinkhole.

“The sink-hole, which has a one-kilometer diameter, is one of the oldest ones in the north region of Karapınar and is filled with underground water,” he added.

The water of the lake is salty and no creature other than the bacteria is found, according to Arık.

Saying that the status of the Meyil Obruk Lake is similar to the Tuz and Meke lakes in the region, Arik notes that the color of these lakes can also turn to red.

Locals are of the view that as the color of the lake has turned pink, it can be inviting for the tourists to take a look at while it’s still there.