‘Cemevi attacks connected to terror organizations’

‘Cemevi attacks connected to terror organizations’

‘Cemevi attacks connected to terror organizations’

The attacks on Alevi prayer houses, known as the “cemevi,” in the capital Ankara are connected to some terror groups, the spokesperson of the interior ministry has said.

“Three people were detained. They have connections to some organizations,” İsmail Çataklı said on late Aug. 3.

Ahmet Ozan Karaca, an unemployed man from the western province of İzmir, traveled to Ankara and attacked three cemevis in 45 minutes on July 31.

“The attacks were conducted in such a short time. This shows they were planned,” Çataklı added.

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu on Aug. 4 pointed out the duration of the attacks, too.

“I have lived in Ankara for the last decade and I cannot go to the mentioned three addresses in that duration,” he said and added: “How come [Karaca] comes from İzmir, makes all these in Ankara and then heads to [the Central Anatolian province of] Eskişehir.”

Karaca was arrested on late Aug. 3 and two other suspects, who were detained after the attacks for their links to Karaca, were released on bail.

“The investigation is ongoing,” Soylu added.