‘Castro betrayed Cuba,’ American actor Garcia says

‘Castro betrayed Cuba,’ American actor Garcia says

Ertuğrul Özkök – ISTANBUL
‘Castro betrayed Cuba,’ American actor Garcia says

Hürriyet columnist Ertuğrul Özkök (L), Andy Garcia (C) and Necati Şaşmaz (R), who plays the leading role in the Valley of the Wolves.

Fidel Castro “betrayed” his country, Cuban-American actor Andy Garcia has said during an interview with Hürriyet.

Garcia, whose family fled Cuba when he was three-years-old and never stepped foot on the island except Guantanamo, will reprise his role in the Turkish drama, “Kurtlar Vadisi” (The Valley of the Wolves), after nine years. 

“Returning to his or her home country lies in the heart of every immigrant child,” Garcia said during an interview with Hürriyet, as he visited Istanbul.

And would he want to meet Castro one day?

“Absolutely not,” Garcia says, “Because he betrayed Cuba.”

Garcia will reappear on the Turkish screens as the character “Amon” that he last played in 2005, along Sharon Stone.

“It was the first time I worked with Sharon,” Garcia says, referring to the Valley of the Wolves episode that aired in 2005. “Then we made another movie,” he adds.

Both actors were surprised by the Turkish drama’s success. “Why the Valley of the Wolves?” they ask, according to Garcia. 

Is it because everyone has a gangster inside?

“Thank God, it’s not like that,” he answers.

And it’s possible to see the Cuba-born actor in more countries. “This is not about appearing in a production. Other countries’ cinemas are a great experience for us. We all need such experiences in this sector,” Garcia notes.

The Valley of the Wolves, which has been dominating Turkish TV since its first episode in 2003, will be back this season on Kanal D.