Caravan hotel draws attention of tourists wanting to holiday in isolation

Caravan hotel draws attention of tourists wanting to holiday in isolation

Caravan hotel draws attention of tourists wanting to holiday in isolation

As coronavirus lockdowns around the world are easing, a “caravan hotel” on the Aegean coast is drawing the attention of tourists who want to holiday in isolation.

The hotel consisting of seven caravans in the Aegean province of İzmir’s Karaburun district attracts the attention of those who want to spend an isolated holiday in the midst of nature.

The story of this isolated hotel, however, has little to do with the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Asna couple, who have for years engaged in trade in Istanbul, moved to İzmir last year to raise their children in a calmer environment.

The couple, who decided to invest in a two-acre land near the sea in Karaburun, placed seven caravans of 11 square meters in size, all of which has hot water and air conditioning.

Welcoming caravan enthusiasts from many cities of the country and the world in the summer and winter, the couple closed its business for a while after the appearance of the COVID-19 outbreak in Turkey.

The couple reopened the caravan hotel, taking measures with the decrease in the number of new cases, and have already been fully booked for the summer.

Erol Asna, the operator of the caravan hotel, said the caravan means “freedom” for them.

He stressed that people understand the value of having a holiday with nature alone amid COVID-19.

“Our business was also good last year, but this disease has made demand increase three times more than last year,” Asna said.

“We created a sensor-operated disinfectant point at the entrance of our hotel,” said Asna, indicating that they have taken precautions against the COVID-19 outbreak.

The couple will also screen the body temperature of the guests while they check in and out.

“Our caravans are regularly cleaned every week. We will wash all the textiles in the caravan after our guests leave,” he noted.

“Nobody can absolutely go inside without a mask. They must wear a mask during their stay here,” he added.

The caravan hotel seems to have already achieved customer satisfaction as partial curfews continue and temperatures increase.

Caner Kılıç, a guest, said that he had to spend time at home due to COVID-19.

“Thanks to the measures taken here, I can make my holiday in isolation. The nature of Karaburun is also very beautiful,” said Kılıç, noting that it was his first time on vacation in a caravan.

A university student, Gülce Güler, also said she preferred the caravan to spend the holiday with her family because of the pandemic.

Emphasizing that they ensured measures were being taken in Karaburun, Güler said that she now rests comfortably.

Besides the caravan hotels, İzmir’s Karaburun Peninsula is also a tourist attraction for hiking and nature activities.

The peninsula, which offers all shades of green and blue, hosts visitors in its coves in the summer months while welcoming hikers or those who choose the region for nature sports.

Nature lovers prefer the old villages for hiking.