Caracal photographed in Muğla

Caracal photographed in Muğla

Caracal photographed in Muğla

A caracal, which is in danger of extinction, has been photographed by motion-triggered camera, placed by in the field by Yasin İlemin, an academic in the western province of Muğla.

İlemin, who named the wild cat “Timur,” shared its photo on his social media account, drawing great interest.

In the image that was watched and shared by many other people, it was seen that the caracal was limping.

“I have probably recorded the clearest Caracal image in our country. Timur is limping a little. Its area is a completely natural area. Probably it hurt its foot while hunting on the rocks, but it is in good condition,” said İlemin in his post.

Stating that three caracals and a lynx were hit by cars and died in the past days, İlemin said, “Caracals and the other carnivores face too many threats. They hunt, breed and raise in harsh conditions in their natural life processes.”

“Even the most natural areas are under threat: Habitat destruction such as mines, poaching and stray dogs in nature are the main ones creating negative impacts,” he added.

“On the other hand, existing habitats are occupied by highways. Three caracals and a lynx died in the same spot. During the meetings we held last week with the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks and the General Directorate of Highways, we took action for taking some measures. Warning signs will be placed at the busiest spots. I hope future generations will be in a safer environment. We continue to follow Timur,” he said.

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