Burial chamber found in Samsun

Burial chamber found in Samsun

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Burial chamber found in Samsun

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A burial chamber from the Hellenistic era has been unearthed during excavation works carried out in the northern province of Samsun’s Toptepe district.

Built with a masonry technique using natural cut stones, the 250x280 centimeter burial chamber is made up of a corridor nearly 12 meters long. 

The burial chamber is entered through a square gate and officials found bones and wood inside. It was unearthed within the scope of the “July 15 Martyrs Hill” project in Toptepe, commemorating resistance to the recent failed coup attempt. 

“The Hellenistic-era burial chamber that we have found will make the project even more meaningful. We have been saying for years that Samsun is a city of trade and has long strong history. All parts of the city are home to such historical artifacts,” said excavation head Canikosman Genç. 

“The July 15 Martyrs Hill will become part of this history. It is the only place where the whole city can be viewed. The hill will be turned into a culture and lifestyle center and in this way it will draw more interest,” Genç added.