Bregovic returns to Istanbul

Bregovic returns to Istanbul

ISTANBUL - Anatolia News Agency
Bregovic returns to Istanbul

Balkan musician Goran Bregovic will come to Istanbul after two years.

Famous Balkan musician Goran Bregovic will give a concert in Istanbul for the first time in two years May 14. Bregovic’s performance with his Wedding and Funeral Orchestra will be accompanied by Turkish singer Suzan Kardeş.

Bregovic is famous for the album he made with Turkish diva Sezen Aksu. According to Anatolia news agency, Bregovic said, “My lover is Istanbul, and I missed it very much.”

In his concerts with the Wedding and Funeral Orchestra, Bregovic is performing with a large ensemble of musicians. A brass band, bagpipes, a string ensemble, a tuxedo-clad all-male choir from Belgrade and traditional Bulgarian and Roma singers make up his 40-piece band and orchestra.

Since 1998 Bregovic has been performing his music mainly at concerts all over the world with his Wedding and Funeral Orchestra. This consists of 10 or 37 people and is also famous for its stage shows.

Bregovic is famous with his earlier duets and work with figures like Iggy Pop and Cesaria Evora.