Brazil's Rousseff reappoints top prosecutor in Petrobras probe

Brazil's Rousseff reappoints top prosecutor in Petrobras probe

BRASILIA - Reuters
Brazils Rousseff reappoints top prosecutor in Petrobras probe

Outsourced personnel of Brazilian national oil company Petrobras' protest outside the company's headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on July 17, 2015. AFP Photo

Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff on August 8 appointed a top prosecutor investigating a massive corruption scandal at state-run oil company Petrobras  to remain on the job for another two years. 

Rousseff met with prosecutor general Rodrigo Janot in the presidential palace to tell him of her decision to submit his name again for Senate approval, Justice Minister Jose Eduardo Cardozo said in Brasilia. 

Janot had received overwhelming backing from his peers to remain on the job during a vote at the association of federal prosecutors last week. 

"The government believes that federal prosecutors must act with autonomy," Cardozo told reporters, explaining that Rousseff had picked the most voted name in a list of three candidates sent by the association. 

Janot has put dozens of top Brazilian politicians under investigation for allegedly taking bribes in the Petrobras scandal. The probe fueled a political crisis that has fragmented Rousseff's coalition and raised questions about her ability to pass key austerity measures in Congress. 

The corruption investigation has also led to the indictment of dozens of executives from top Brazilian engineering and construction firms as well as former Petrobras directors. 

Despite the political crisis, Brazil's Senate is inclined to approve Janot's name for a second term, senator Romero Juca of the PMDB party, which is one of Rousseff's main allies, said on August 7. Two other senators, one from the opposition and one from Rousseff's coalition base, have confirmed that the Senate is expected to reappoint Janot.