Boy spends all summer break with his lamb

Boy spends all summer break with his lamb

Boy spends all summer break with his lamb

A 14-year-old boy in the northern province of Trabzon, who has loved lambs since his childhood, has called his lamb as “my daughter,” and spent all his time with it during summer break.

Though Kıvanç Erdem Orun has had a great interest in raising lambs and spending time with them since he was a little boy, he could not adopt a lamb for a long time as his family did not allow it.

Last year, his parents could no longer remain indifferent to their son’s insistence and gave Orun a lamb as a gift. As they had nowhere to take care of it in the winter, the lamb stayed in his grandmother’s barn for a while.

With the arrival of the summer season, Orun built a barn for the lamb and a place for himself in a field near his house.

Orun spent every day with the lamb he called as “my daughter” during school’s summer break.

“I spent the whole summer break with my lamb. I saved money and bought concrete and bricks to build a barn for my daughter with my own hands. I was completely isolated from social life,” Orun explained.

Stating that he had to leave his lamb in his grandmother’s barn as he started going to school, Orun noted that this situation was difficult for him and sometimes he had crying fits at school.