Boy found locked in garbage house for a year

Boy found locked in garbage house for a year

Boy found locked in garbage house for a year

A nine-year-old boy was found half-stunned in a room in a garbage house he was locked in for almost a year in the northwestern province of Bursa.

“His nails and hair grew long. He even urinated and pooed inside the room,” a security officer who found him told Demirören News Agency on July 25.

The boy, whose name is said to be “Cem,” was hospitalized to be treated.

According to police, the garbage house where Cem was found had been rented by his aunt, Kamuran A. However, as the aunt did not pay the rent for a year, the landlord applied to the court.

With the permission of the court, the security officials entered the house and were shocked after seeing the little boy.

Kamuran A. accused her sister, Cem’s mother, Yasemin A., of refusing and leaving her son.

Yasemin A. who came from the southern province of Antalya to Bursa, said her elder sister is psychologically ill.

“I divorced and moved to Antalya to work. My mother was taking care of Cem. She died three years ago, and my sister became guardian of him,” the mother said and added: “She hid my son from me. Due to the pandemic, I could not go to Bursa for two years.”

Kamuran A. was detained with “torture to child,” and her 15-year-old daughter was put under protection.