Books for high school spark a new controversy

Books for high school spark a new controversy

ISTANBUL- Hürriyet Daily News
Books for high school spark a new controversy

Writer Aslı Tohumcu’s book was found inappropriate for high school students.

The book “Abis” by Turkish writer Aslı Tohumcu was withdrawn from a junior high school reading list by Istanbul’s National Education Directorate after students’ parents complained the book was not appropriate for junior high school students, daily Habertürk reported.

The book included inappropriate language and sexual references, according to parents. After receiving complaints, directorate manager İbrahim Çakmak analyzed the book. As the result of the analysis the book was deemed inappropriate for junior high school students. It was also discovered that the directorate had not read the book prior to placing it on its book list.

Project developed to encourage students
Istanbul’s National Education Directorate began a project called Writers at School to encourage students to read the books of Turkish contemporary writers.

According to Habertürk’s article, the project included writers Ayşe Kulin, Ahmet Ümit, Gülten Dayıoğlu, İnci Aral, Metin Celal, Nedim Hazar, Nilay Yılmaz,

Nur İçözü, Ömer Erdem, Selin İleri, Sevinç Çokum and Seza Kutlar Aksoy.

The writers were invited to 78 junior high schools to talk about their books. The project aimed to increase the awareness of Turkish literature among junior high school students.