Book dramatizes Ataturk’s love life

Book dramatizes Ataturk’s love life

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Book dramatizes Ataturk’s love life

The love of Atatürk and and his wife Latife is being told in a book.

A book titled “Atatürk’s Love Latife” by Fatih Bayhan has raised discussion as a presentation of the text will consist of a reenactment of Ataturk and Latife’s wedding, the daily Akşam reported.

“We would like to dramatize the wedding ceremony of two lovers. We would like to dramatize the event once again in the future,” Fatih Bayhan said, adding that the presentation of the book will arouse huge discussion.

The presentation will take place on Jan. 29 in İzmir’s Uşakzade Mansion, according to Akşam. Theater actors will portray Latife Hanım and Ataturk in the presentation and there will be a mock wedding ceremony.

The book contains the details and secrets of Ataturk’s love life, Bayhan said, adding that he learnt the details from close relatives of Latife Hanım. He said the enactment of the wedding ceremony may raise eyebrows but he is ready for it.

Bayhan previously wrote a book titled “My Aunt Latife” and this time he has raised discussion with the presentation of his new book, published from Paradoks Publishing house. The preface of the book has been written by Latife Hanım’s nephew.

‘Commemorative event’

“After 89 years, the event will be commemorative,” Bayhan said. Even though Ataturk and Latife Hamım had split, Atatürk never forgot about her, he said, adding that Ataturk always invited Hanım and her sister Vecihe to receptions at Dolmabahçe palace. “In one of the dialogues between Ataturk and Vecihe Hanım, Ataturk said: ‘I am all alone in this crowd.’ And Vecihe said: ‘But Latife is also alone, the divorce was your choice.’ To which Ataturk replied: ‘Yes, I have done a stupid thing,’” Bayhan said.

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