Boeing and Turkish university to cooperate

Boeing and Turkish university to cooperate

Boeing and Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ), Turkey’s leading aerospace engineering and technology institution, signed an agreement to cooperate in aerospace research to benefit the flying public on Feb. 20, as executives announced in a press release.

Boeing and İTÜ announced their first joint project which is a one-year effort to research and develop an advanced air-filtration system to enhance air quality for passengers in commercial airplane cabin environments.

“We are very pleased to establish a new research partnership with İTÜ, one of Turkey’s finest institutions of higher learning,” said Boeing Turkey President Bernard J. Dunn.

The environmental control system in today’s commercial airplanes minimizes concentrations of chemical contaminants to extremely low levels. In their research, Boeing and İTÜ will explore the effectiveness of specially treated nano-fibers to further remove volatile organic compounds from the airplane cabin, according to the statement.

Boeing has maintained a long-standing relationship with Turkey for nearly 70 years. “It currently provides aircraft and services to Turkish commercial and defense customers and is a significant and trusted partner of the Turkish aerospace industry,” it said.