BLOG: Let’s learn how Zumba was born

BLOG: Let’s learn how Zumba was born

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BLOG: Let’s learn how Zumba was born Alberto “Beto” Pérez is a Colombian American dancer and choreographer who created the fitness program Zumba in the 1990s. One day, Perez forgot to bring the music for his class. He had one cassette with him—Latin music he’d taped from the radio. “I improvised,” he says, “and that was the beginning of Zumba.”

The name Zumba is derived from a Colombian word meaning to move fast and have fun. The rhythms of Zumba are a mix of salsa and meringue music. This dance uses a variety of styles in its routines, and because of this, women and even men like the dance. The style includes cumbia, merengue, salsa, reggaeton, mambo, rumba, belly dancing, flamenco and calypso.

There are many health benefits of doing Zumba. It burns many calories, tones the body, works for all ages, reduces stress, tames your body, makes you social, makes you happy, keeps the brain active, and increases self-esteem and so on.

Dancing is a lifestyle. Nowadays, very few people get to live out their passion, but whenever I dance, I feel passion for life.

It is very easy to enroll in a Zumba class, and nearly all sport centers and holiday villages have Zumba classes. In the past, step dance was the trend, but now Zumba is the dance of the day.

In Turkey, especially in Istanbul, Zumba classes have become very popular. I first encountered this dance at an upscale gym. My first class experience was so fun. I like the fact that there are mirrors everywhere, so that you can see how your body moves. 

BLOG: Let’s learn how Zumba was bornInitially, I was afraid to dance because the class was so big, I was shy, the trainer turned on the music and started barking and the movements were too fast, but I got used to it in time. Now I am addicted to it. What I learned was that in Zumba, there is no rule like in tango or salsa. If you are open to new things, you can search for Zumba instructors in Turkey.

The famous zumba soundtracks are: Zumba Samba, Hips Don’t Lie, I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho), Let’s Get Loud, Meneando, Bumpy Ride, Suavemente, Rock This Party, We No Speak Americano,  Loco, Sweet Like Cola, Meneater, Bananza (Belly Dancer), Taka Taka, Fire Burning, Bellezza, Cuando (Floresa El Chuno).

Ditch the workout and get into Zumba if you want to live longer and healthier.