Beşiktaş signs Burak Yılmaz amid fan protests

Beşiktaş signs Burak Yılmaz amid fan protests

Beşiktaş signs Burak Yılmaz amid fan protests

Turkish international striker Burak Yılmaz moved to Beşiktaş from Trabzonspor, both clubs announced on Jan. 4.

Yılmaz returned to Beşiktaş 11 years after he played for the club between July 2006 and January 2008, but his comeback created uproar among some club supporters, who accused the veteran player of “being a cheater.”

Releasing a written statement via Twitter on Jan. 4, Yılmaz said he was thankful to coach Şenol Güneş and Beşiktaş officials for making the transfer happen.

“I acknowledge respectfully all Beşiktaş fans’ praise and criticism towards me. I want all the fans to know that the second I put on Beşiktaş jersey on me, I will perform at the highest for Beşiktaş,” he said.

During his time in Beşiktaş, Yılmaz only scored 6 goals in 49 matches. He was under constant criticism and pressure due to his performance in and out of the football pitch in the recent seasons.

The 33-year-old joined his new club in Antalya on Jan. 4 for the winter break preparations.

Trabzonspor kicked Yılmaz out of its squad before sending the striker to the Istanbul club.

The striker has played 52 matches for the Turkish national football team and scored 23 goals.