Bear cub sent to Turkey's Bursa by air

Bear cub sent to Turkey's Bursa by air

Bear cub sent to Turkeys Bursa by air A bear cub which was found by locals in the eastern province of Bitlis’ Tatvan district and taken under protection at Van Yüzüncu Yıl University’s (YYU) Animal Protection and Rehabilitation Center has been sent to the Karacabey Ovakorusu Bear Shelter and Rehabilitation Center in the northwestern province of Bursa. 

The two-month old bear cub, named “Bivan,” a combination of the provinces of Bitlis and Van, was found when it emerged from the forest and began heading toward the city center.

The bear was subsequently placed under the care of a senior student, Tülay Erdönmez, from the YYU Veterinary Faculty. 

The bear was sent to Bursa in a special cage by Turkish Airline plane on June 16 to be delivered to the rehabilitation center. 

YYU Animal Protection and Rehabilitation Center Diector Lokamn Aslan said it was the first time they had treated a bear in the center. 

“The bear was about to die from cold when it was found one month ago by a local. It got better in intensive care within a short time. Here we can take care of the bear but the center in Bursa has better rehabilitation opportunities,” he said.