Azeri firm to ‘raise investors to 7 million’

Azeri firm to ‘raise investors to 7 million’

ISTANBUL- Hürriyet Daily News
Invest AZ, the first investment company founded with Azeri capital in Turkey, aims to increase its individual investors to 7 million in Turkey by 2023 with its user-friendly and simple Internet platform for investors, which came online yesterday.

Invest AZ has divided its operations into three brands, said the chairman, Elşan Guliyev, at a press meeting late on May 9. Guliyev said the company would do primary market operations as “investIN,” and secondary market operations in investor and operations for corporate services in “invest+.” He added that they planned to give basic education to the investors at training centers in the framework of “investU” because they need to create investors who have finance information. Guliyev said they had also selected secondary market operations – private equity fund, mergers and acquisitons, initial public offering etc. – according to their risk level: high risk, medium risk and low risk.

Invest AZ, which is the partner of Listing Istanbul, will start May 21 a road show with Borsa Istanbul (BIST), in which they will introduce Turkey’s capital markets to Azeri investors, attended by Baku Bourse head Emin Muradov, BIST head İbrahim Turan and Guliyev.

Guliyev said investments worth between $1 billion and $5 billion come to Turkey from Azerbaijan every year. Invest AZ aims to draw companies from Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Middle East to be traded on BIST. BIST is the new exchange body that has merged stock and gold exchanges under a single umbrella organization as the Listing Istanbul has been launched for all the work on promotion, information, communication and marketing to increase the number of foreign companies on BIST.

Invest AZ, which was founded by 11.5 million Turkish Liras capital stock, has set the goal of turning into an investment bank in three years.