At least 13 ISIL suspects apprehended

At least 13 ISIL suspects apprehended

At least 13 ISIL suspects apprehended

At least 13 people, most of them foreign nationals, were detained in the Turkish capital over their alleged links to ISIL, security sources said.

Consisting of the intelligence and counter-terrorism units at the Ankara Police Department, the International Risk Analysis Group (URAG), carried out an operation against 15 foreign suspects, who were determined to have been operating within the ISIL for a period of time or were still in contact with or assisting the members of the terrorist group.

At least 12 suspects were apprehended during the simultaneous operation held at early on Dec. 20, according to sources. The search continues for the two people sought.

Around the same time, another suspect who reportedly to has transported people with terror ties to conflict zones and working as a ‘pirate taxi’ driver was also caught at the Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal (AŞTİ).

Those who will be treated as “foreign terrorist fighters” will be handed over to the Immigration Directorate for deportation, the sources said.