Assembly of Romans finally comes to light

Assembly of Romans finally comes to light

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Assembly of Romans finally comes to light

The City Assembly structure, Bouleuterion, came to life after 2,000 years. DHA

The İzmir Agora excavations have unearthed the Smyrna assembly, where decisions were made during the Roman Empire. The excavations have been carried out by Dokuz Eylül University Archaeology Department’s Smyrna Ancient City excavation team and, so far, 50 percent of the area has been unearthed. The agora is expected to be completely unearthed in the next five years.

The excavation team is now working on the City Assembly structure, called Bouleuterion. The podium, lectern and two-step sitting places have so far been restored and put under protection. The 2nd century A.D. assembly, where the decisions on city administration were made, is large enough for the gathering of some 400 assembly members.

The confiscation of the Agora began in 1997 and the first destruction was made in 2005. The municipality has so far spent nearly 27 million Turkish Liras for the confiscation.

The agora of Smyrna was built during the Hellenistic era at the base of the Pagos Hill, the highest hill in ancient İzmir. It was the commercial, judicial and political nucleus of the ancient city. After a destructive earthquake in 178 AD, Smyrna was rebuilt in the Roman period and used until the Byzantine period.
Within the scope of the Smyrna Agora Ancient Site Safety Wall project that has been approved by the İzmir Committee for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Properties, the historic Agora was integrated with the crowded İkiçeşmelik Street after confiscation and destruction works.