Arabs encourage visiting Turkey on social media

Arabs encourage visiting Turkey on social media

ISTANBUL – Anadolu Agency
Arabs encourage visiting Turkey on social media

Arabs on Twitter have started a social media campaign encouraging people to spend their summer holidays in Turkey.

An Arabic-language hashtag that means “Our summer holiday is nicer in Turkey” aims to draw more tourists from around the world.

Below the hashtag, photos of Turkey’s must-visit attractions, including the Maiden’s Tower in Istanbul and Cappadocia in the central Nevşehir province, were shared.

Gulf people prefer to spend their holidays in Turkey as it is a Muslim country and Muslim people do not have problems with food and religious practices, Abdulhamid al-Bilali from Kuwait wrote on his Twitter account.

The other reason to prefer Turkey, al-Bilali said, is that accommodation, food and clothing are cheaper than in many other countries.

Yusuf al-Harisi praised Turkey’s richness in history and civilization, saying it is the most beautiful country that he has visited so far.

“I felt like I was in one of the European countries when I first visited Turkey,” Kuwait Abdulaziz al-Fadli wrote on his Twitter.

Turkey has all the touristic elements like natural parks, historical artifacts, bazaars, and monuments, wrote Seyha Binti Ali, from Qatar, who visited the country 10 times.