Arab countries look for directors online

Arab countries look for directors online

KONYA - Doğan News Agency
Arab countries look for directors online

Arab countries mainly demand directors of Turkish TV series, which are very popular in these countries.

A website focused on online shopping has seen some interesting requests from visitors around the globe, including TV show directors and candy floss.

The website,, operates by taking orders from customers and connecting them to other firms. Vice Executive Manager Harun Dikici said the company has encountered a range of interesting demands from different countries including candy floss from Greeks and women’s underwear from Saudi Arabia.

Demands from Arabs

“Arabic countries are watching almost all of the Turkish soap operas and Turkish series and we have taken offers from directors looking to work in the television sector in Arabic countries,” Dikici said.
The company has welcomed a total of 1.5 million members since it launched in 2007. In 2012 the firm brought $5 billion worth of requests to Turkey.

It is taking many requests from all over the world, although the company’s focus is mainly on the Middle East, Africa, Turkic Republics, Europe and Ecuador. “We receive different requests,” Dikici said. While the Japanese desire fruit marmalades, Russia wants ponies. In the past Greece wanted to import heating stoves but now they are demanding candy floss and Saudi Arabia wants to have women’s underwear.”

Arab countries want people to work in the television and TV series sector, he added.

Norway is looking for oil to use in cooking food and Israel looks for contributions for the handicapped.
Chile on the other hand seeks machines to use in the work force.

Other parts of Europe mainly use the website to find suitable jobs in Turkey. Those with high qualifications are using the website as a job search engine, said Dikici.