Ara Güler photos in Paris

Ara Güler photos in Paris

Ara Güler photos in Paris

An exhibition featuring photos by the late Turkish photographer Ara Güler opened in the French capital on May 23.

Organized by the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey in collaboration with the Ara Güler Museum and Archive and Research Center, the exhibition was first opened in London’s Saatcji Gallery in April and now moves to the Polka Gallery in Paris.

The exhibition mainly focuses on Güler’s Istanbul photos but also features shots from the Anatolian countryside and historical portraits of well-known names such as Jean Renoir Nazım Hikmet, Aşık Veysel, Salvador Dali, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Brigitte Bardot.

Following Paris, the exhibition will also travel to Kyoto, New York, Rome and Mogadishu.

Considered one of the seven best photographers in the world, Güler was a significant global representative of Turkey’s creative photography. He worked as a Near East photojournalist for Time-Life magazine in 1956, for Paris Match in 1958 and also Stern magazine. Magnum Photos also published Güler’s photos globally.

He died on Oct. 17, 2018 at the age of 90.