Anti-tobacco campaigner professor dies of COVID-19

Anti-tobacco campaigner professor dies of COVID-19

Anti-tobacco campaigner professor dies of COVID-19

Dr. Orhan Kural, an academic who was most famous as a campaigner against tobacco use, died in a hospital in Istanbul due to the coronavirus on Dec. 23. He was 70.

Kural was admitted to hospital on Nov. 28 and had been receiving treatment in an intensive care unit since Dec. 9.

The Society of Turkish Travelers’ Club, which was founded by Kural, said he had left a testament by video just before going to hospital.

“If you are watching this, it means I am not alive. If I ever broke someone’s heart, I am sorry,” Kural stated in the video.

“I tried to do my best in creating a livable world. All I want is to have this Society of Turkish Travelers’ Club to live and go on after me. I served the Mining Department of Istanbul Technical University for 44 years. I loved all my students,” he added.

Kural was especially known for his fight against tobacco use. One time, he even opened a lawsuit against prominent Turkish comedian Cem Yılmaz for smoking in his movies.

Yılmaz extended his condolences on Dec. 23, saying, “Even though my relations with him were not that good, I really am sorry for Orhan Kural. May he rest in peace.”

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