Antakya Civilizations Choir gives solidarity concert in Adana

Antakya Civilizations Choir gives solidarity concert in Adana

Antakya Civilizations Choir gives solidarity concert in Adana

The Antakya Civilizations Choir performed a solidarity concert in the southern province of Adana on March 28 and commemorated seven of their members who died during the devastating quakes last month by lighting candles in front of the stage in their memory.

Founded in 2007, the choir comprises many amateur artists from different languages, religions and ethnic backgrounds. While seven members died in the earthquake, many members of the choir were also rescued from the rubble.

The choir members, who moved to various cities after the disaster, came together in Adana. Under the coordination of the Adana Municipality, the choir took the stage at the solidarity concert at Çukurova University Congress Center with the support of various non-governmental organizations.

Speaking at the event that started with a minute of silence for people who lost their lives in the earthquake, Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeydan Karalar said, “On Feb. 6, we lost tens of thousands of our people in the earthquake that affected 11 provinces. The Antakya Civilizations Choir needed to stand up again. Hatay will also get better. In great solidarity, we will recover our country as soon as possible.”

After the choir performed poet Muhyiddin Abdal’s poem “İnsan İnsan” (Human Human) composed by Fazıl Say, the choir conductor Yılmaz Özfirat greeted the thousands of Adana residents who filled the hall.

Özfirat, who was also rescued from the rubble eight hours later, said, “This is our first concert after Feb. 6 quakes. We have so many different emotions. The earthquake happened at 4:17 a.m. At 4:16 a.m. we had everything; we had a house, a car and money. At 4:17 a.m., we had nothing left. There is only one thing left for us, hope and faith. What is human, we understand now. They said, ‘If the Choir of Civilizations stands up, Hatay will stand up.’ All non-governmental organizations and all the people of Adana put us in their hearts. We came together with our friends for the first time, we saw how luxurious it is to hug each other. It was something so special that we saw how luxurious it was to eat and drink together.”

Seven candles were placed in the front of the stage for the seven choir members who lost their lives in the earthquake. In addition, the choir performed the song “Yara Bere” (wound and bruise) in memory of their friends who lost their lives.

Serhan Kelleözü, one of the well-known artists in the region, accompanied the choir in the concert. Kelleözü interpreted popular works such as “Akdeniz Akşamları” (Mediterranean Evenings) with the choir.

The photos of the late choir members were reflected on the stage during the concert. The concert will also be held in Istanbul after Adana.

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