Another woman ‘fell to death’ in seven months

Another woman ‘fell to death’ in seven months

Another woman ‘fell to death’ in seven months

A newly married woman in the capital Ankara has become the 12th woman this year to have lost her life after “falling from a height,” bringing the long-disputed femicide suspicion back on the country’s agenda.

“Twelve women, alleged to have committed suicides, jumped to death this year. They all had one thing in common: Spouses who say, ‘I ran, but could not help,’” the daily Milliyet reported on July 27.

The latest example is of 21-year-old Şevval Abanoz who is alleged to have jumped to death from the third-floor balcony of her apartment.

“I don’t believe she committed suicide. As much as we know, her husband committed violence against her on the day she died,” said the woman’s father, Uğur Kutlu, suggesting that the husband may be the “murderer.”

Speaking to the daily, forensic scientist Halis Tokgöz said, “Falling from heights or a murder, these are all problematic cases.”

“There are good and bad sides of the discussion,” he said. “The good side is legal executives and the public have started discussing the matter with suspicion to find the truth.”

“Not all suicide cases are real suicides. But, the bad side is it is hard to prove and solve,” he stated.

In another case, Yusuf Ece, the father of Kübra Ece, who is alleged to have run and jumped from a balcony to death in Istanbul this year, also believed his daughter did not commit suicide.

“We do not know what they did inside the house before the incident. Those who were in the house were freed after their testimonies,” he said.

“My daughter is in the grave. Her husband is out, free. Is this justice?” Kutlu asked.