Anna Laudel Contemporary presents Fernando Botero

Anna Laudel Contemporary presents Fernando Botero

Anna Laudel Contemporary presents Fernando Botero Istanbul’s Anna Laudel Contemporary will present “Everyday’s Poetry – Scenes from the Fullness of Life” between April 27 and June 25, displaying critically acclaimed works by Fernando Botero, whose works have never previously been exhibited in Turkey.

This carefully curated selection reflects Botero’s artistic exploration of the human experience, imbued with the artist’s familiar socio-political insight and characteristically subtle ironic wit, inviting visitors to participate on a journey through the intriguing images of the artist’s aesthetic.

Curated by Klaus Wolbert, the former director of Mathildenhöhe Institute in Darmstadt, the exhibition offers art lovers, connoisseurs and collectors in Istanbul an exclusive opportunity to discover and experience the inspirational creations of the important artist Botero.

Born in Medellin in 1932, the Colombian artist is listed among great artists of modern painting and sculpture with a unique pictorial identity due to his instantly recognizable and much loved corpulent figures. The art of Botero contains many references to his own Colombian culture and a great deal of satirical, ironic, social-critical, political and humanistic implications.

Concerned with the presentation of characteristic social types, Botero’s anonymous figures are mostly representatives and performers of specific social characters found within domestic or public situations or in other everyday circumstances.

“The exhibition can rightly be regarded as a prominent event in the art scene of the metropolis of Istanbul, for it presents a range of Botero’s artistic creativity that represents an exceptionally high quality and in which his typical themes and subjects, including his idiosyncratic tendency to portray corpulent bodies, are introduced both in the framework of masterly executed design solutions as well as in the form of fascinatingly successful observations and descriptions of the completely normal profane human life,” Wolbert said.

Botero’s solo exhibition “Everyday’s Poetry – Scenes from the Fullness of life” is a call to participate in the colorful and inspiring world of the internationally renowned artist.

The exhibition will be held across three floors of exhibition space at the Anna Laudel Contemporary in Istanbul until June 25.

Anna Laudel Contemporary, formerly ART350 gallery, was founded in 2012 by the German textile magnate Anna Laudel with the aim of supporting the work of Turkish and international artists by providing a prominent contemporary exhibition platform and through developing a greater understanding of and a closer appreciation for contemporary art within the Turkish region.