Turkey condemns EU’s ‘biased’ statement on Varosha opening

Turkey condemns EU’s ‘biased’ statement on Varosha opening

Turkey condemns EU’s ‘biased’ statement on Varosha opening

Turkey condemned a statement by the European Union on the partial reopening of Varosha in Turkish Cyprus.

“We condemn the statement made today [July 27] on behalf of the EU, concerning Maraş [Varosha],” said Foreign Ministry spokesperson Tanju Bilgiç in a written statement on July 27.

This and similar “unrealistic” statements, ignoring the Turkish Cypriot people, and reflecting only the views of the Greek Cypriot side, have no value or validity for Turkey, said the spokesperson.

“This biased position of the EU, displayed with the pretexts of membership solidarity and veto concerns, is not helpful for the solution of any problem.

Bilgiç reiterated Turkey’s full support for decisions taken by the Turkish Cypriot authorities and their proposals regarding the settlement of the Cyprus issue and the Varosha initiative.

Varosha initiative is a decision of the Turkish Cypriot government, and the EU should “honor its commitments” to the Turkish Cypriot people following the Annan Plan in 2004 and “learn to address” Turkish Cyprus, he stated.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar said last week they would open the former
resort, abandoned since Ankara’s 1974 intervention on the island.

The EU on July 27 condemned “Turkey’s unilateral steps and the unacceptable announcements.”

A statement issued by the EU’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, criticized the plans as breaching a series of United Nations resolutions.

The EU would consider using “instruments and options at its disposal to defend its interests,” it said.

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