Animal fossil found in mosque grounds

Animal fossil found in mosque grounds

ANKARA – Anadolu Agency
Animal fossil found in mosque grounds

The fossil of a four-legged animal has been found in the grounds of a mosque during excavations. Villagers are curious about the species of the animal.

Excavation works being carried out on the grounds of a mosque in Ankara’s Çubuk neighborhood have revealed the fossil of a four-legged animal. 

The mosque, which is set to be rebuilt, had been harboring the creature in its foundation, although first examinations were unable to reveal the species of the animal. 

The fossil was found in Çubuk’s Küçükali village. Village official Beşir Koçak said they had photographed the fossil and sent it to relevant institutions. “But we did not get any result,” he said. 

“Villagers found the fossil in a small inn in the foundation of this old mosque. I sent its photos to some place but have not received an answer yet. We also showed it to old people in our village, but they did not know anything about it. We are displaying this fossil in our association at the moment. People are coming to the association to see it,” Koçak said. 

Veterinary Mehmet Akif Topçu said he thought that the animal was from the feline or canine family, but added that it also resembled a dinosaur based on its eye sockets and jaw. “His foot structure seems to be stronger than cats and dogs. Also, its long jaw structure differentiates it from these other animals. It seems like one of the last members of the dinosaur generation,” Topçu said.