Ancient furnaces unearthed at ‘home of tiles’ İznik

Ancient furnaces unearthed at ‘home of tiles’ İznik

BURSA – Doğan News Agency
Ancient furnaces unearthed at ‘home of tiles’ İznik The remains of two tile furnaces have been found in archaeological excavations in İznik, known as a historic center of tile production in the northwestern Turkish province of Bursa. 

Officials have initiated work to unearth the furnaces, which date back to the 14th and 17th centuries. 

Current excavations at the site, which started in July and will continue until September, are being carried out by a 15-person team of students and experts, headed by Istanbul University History of Department academic Belgin Demirsar Arlı. 

Arlı said they are trying to illuminate historic tile and ceramic methods in their works, adding that the tile furnace excavations are ongoing in a field located in east of the Murad II Bath in İznik. 

“We started work at a new field in the north of the excavation field and we found two new furnaces. They are important in terms of the art of İznik tile-making, so the furnaces will be taken under protection,” she stated.

The İznik tile furnaces were discovered in 1967 by Istanbul University Head of the History of Art and Archaeology Department Professor Oktay Aslanapa. In 1994 the work was taken over by Professor Ara Altun and in recent years it was taken over by Arlı.