Anatolia’s ‘Grand Canyon’ becomes center of attraction

Anatolia’s ‘Grand Canyon’ becomes center of attraction

Anatolia’s ‘Grand Canyon’ becomes center of attraction

Drawing attention with its marvelous rock formations dating back 65 million years and likened to the Grand Canyon in the U.S., the Levent Valley in the eastern province of Malatya’s Akçadağ district awaits adrenaline enthusiasts with its newly constructed alternatives and a 104-meter-high viewing terrace with a glass floor.

Located on the Malatya-Kayseri highway, the 28-kilometer-long valley draws attention as a natural wonder formed as a result of geological deformations.

The valley, which is also home to the Neolithic age ruins, has extremely interesting geological formations, cliffs and rock reliefs.

The viewing terrace built on a flat rock block by the Malatya Governor’s Office at the central point of the cliffs and extending to 24 kilometers has become the focus of attention with its height of 104 meters.

Around the glass terrace, which was built with steel construction and glass, preparations are now being made for many adrenaline-inducing activities.

Speaking to the state-run Anadolu Agency, Akçadağ Mayor Ali Kazgan said that investments were made to increase the attractiveness of the Levent Valley with the support received from the Fırat Development Agency (FKA) and the Eastern Anatolia Development Administration.

Noting that they will transform the valley into a life center in every sense, Kazgan said: “We want to turn this place into a center of attraction, life and sports. We are working on an adventure park here; it is almost finished. In the adventure park, there is a giant swing, three slope swings, a trampoline, a zipline and a glass bridge construction. We brought a climbing tower from the Istanbul Metropolitan Fire Department. We are constantly thinking of utilizing these full of adrenaline and adventure park possibilities.”

Stating that they want to create an area where visitors of the valley can spend time all day long, Kazgan said that the construction of social facilities around the observation terrace in the valley was ongoing.

Pointing out that works such as an artificial waterfall have also been planned, Kazgan said: “We have a work to create a camping area. We are creating areas where all sports-related to adrenaline activities can be performed. Here, we want to create a center for all kinds of adrenaline sports, from nature cycling to hiking and ‘off-roading’ activities.”

“Also, 20 caves will be illuminated. When it gets dark, we are planning to create a mystical atmosphere as if you go back through a 2,000-year-old time tunnel with the lights scattering around the cave. Many people come and visit the valley, but when the construction of the facilities is finished, the interest will increase even more. We have a place where many visitors come from Malatya, the surrounding provinces and all over the country, even from abroad. We must make better use of this potential,” he added.