Ambassadors celebrate Hürriyet Daily News’ 60th anniversary

Ambassadors celebrate Hürriyet Daily News’ 60th anniversary

Ambassadors celebrate Hürriyet Daily News’ 60th anniversary

With Hürriyet Daily News marking its 60th anniversary as Turkey’s leading news source, various diplomats and ambassadors extended their congratulations.

“On behalf of the EU Delegation to Turkey, I would like to express my sincere and heartfelt congratulations to Hürriyet Daily News on its anniversary. Throughout these years, you proved to be one of the leading English-language media outlets in Turkey,” said Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut, the head of the EU Delegation to Turkey.

“We thank the Hürriyet Daily News team for our long-lasting friendship and for being attentive to the activities of the EU in the country and in the region in your reporting,” he added.

Sir Dominick Chilcott, the British ambassador to Turkey, also extended his greetings.

“Congratulations to HDN on its 60th anniversary. Keeping an English language newspaper going for all those years in Turkey, and particularly now when traditional newspapers face fierce competition from other media, is a real achievement,” he said.

“HDN remains an indispensable read for many diplomats and international businesspeople. My days start better when I’ve read the paper’s news and the views of its independently-minded columnists over breakfast,” Chilcott added.

Swiss Ambassador Dominique Paravicini was also among the envoys who congratulated Hürriyet Daily News for its years in service as a prominent media outlet.

“Congratulations to Hürriyet Daily News on marking its 60th anniversary of publication! As the oldest English-language news source in Turkey, HDN is an especially useful entry point for us as diplomats to the daily affairs of this fascinating country. We wish HDN many more years of journalism ahead,” Paravacini said.

Singaporean Ambassador Jonatan Tow extended greetings on behalf of the embassy.

“The Singapore Embassy in Ankara would like to extend our warmest congratulations to Hürriyet Daily News as it marks its 60th anniversary. As one of the leading English-language newspapers in Turkey, Hürriyet Daily News has been instrumental in providing valuable in-depth news coverage about Turkey and the region and connecting its wide readership to the world and vice versa,” he said.

Retired Turkish Ambassador Faruk Loğoğlu also congratulated the Hürriyet Daily News.

“Congratulations to the HDN for the high standard of quality journalism it has maintained over many decades. The HDN has served as a versatile window for foreigners to view events and developments in Turkey, thus enhancing international understanding of a pivotal country situated at the epicenter of the critical regions of the world. I wish the HDN well and continued success,” he said.