Akbank Sanat hosts Contemporary Vocal Days

Akbank Sanat hosts Contemporary Vocal Days

Akbank Sanat hosts Contemporary Vocal Days

Performances by Turkish vocal music group ‘A Capella Boğaziçi’ (L) and Aydın esen (R) will be at Akbank sanat.

Akbank Sanat will be hosting “Contemporary Vocal Days” starting from April 12. The events will welcome many famous vocalists from all around the world between April 12 and 26. There will also be workshops and panels during the event, which will host many famous figures. 

Performances by Turkish vocal music groups such as A Capella Boğaziçi and Rezonans will be staged during the Contemporary Vocal Days. 

EXPER-imen-T, which includes composer Mehmet Can Özer and choreographer Korhan Başaran, takes a step into the unknown on April 12. In the show Başaran and Özer will reflect their experiences from an artistic perspective, blending electro-acoustic music and modern dance through an “improvised” theme. Putting metaphysics at the center of interaction, the artists will question the intertwined nature and interaction of vocalic universe and body.

World-famous choir conductor Nigel Short will be at the festival for the panels and discussions on April 13. Short will be speaking about his music during the panel. 

Turkish musician Aydın Esen and Randy Esen will be taking the stage on April 17. Pianist Aydın Esen is famed for his prodigious musical talent, comprehensive musical efforts without prioritizing any genre and his performances with the most outstanding figures and bands of the world. The virtuoso will this time share the stage with his partner, Randy Esen, a jazz vocalist who is as well-received and respected as her husband, to introduce the audience to their musical corpus. Randy Esen boasts a unique vocal technique and has taught many young vocalists. 

Apart from concerts, Contemporary Vocal Days will be hosting PANDA VAN PROOSDIJ dance group. The group will be on stage on April 24 and 26.