‘Aid to quake zone should continue for at least 1 year’

‘Aid to quake zone should continue for at least 1 year’

‘Aid to quake zone should continue for at least 1 year’

Aid efforts to the earthquake zone should continue for at least one year as this process aims to transform the region into a living space Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu has stated.

Reminding that in the first days of the earthquakes, there was a quite intense aid dispatch towards the region, Soylu mentioned that people have been sending less aid recently as they thought that a sufficient amount of aid has already been sent.

“There was a very large shipment. Then, I think, when this density of vehicles was seen, an idea of stopping the aid for a while has emerged,” Soylu expressed.

They have created a living space in the region for the earthquake survivors, Soylu stated, underlining that the assistance should continue for at least one year in order to ensure continuity.

“People here have lost their jobs, they have lost their homes. These aids should continue here for one year. The state will manage this process from its own resources. Food aid is especially needed as this process will take at least a year,” Soylu said.

Pointing out that the list of priority needs is constantly updated, Soylu emphasized the importance of providing aid to the quake zone in accordance with these updates.

Soylu also noted that dry food, hygiene materials, tents, containers and clean clothes are at the top of the list of urgent needs.

He underlined that there will also be a need for books at later stages, as libraries have also been established in tent cities.

Reminding that they have tripled their security measures, Soylu warned citizens seeking to provide financial assistance against fake accounts and stated that aid should be delivered through official accounts.

Both aid and the number of volunteers sorting and packaging materials also decreased by half in the aid collection centers in the Yenikapı and Kartal districts established by the Istanbul Municipality right after the major quakes.

Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu announced that there is a need for emergency supplies and volunteers.

“Please let’s continue to cooperate. We are waiting for you for the preparation of emergency supplies, especially durable food and hygiene materials in our logistics centers in Yenikapı and Kartal,” İmamoğlu said in a social media post.