A show prepared especially for Istanbul

A show prepared especially for Istanbul

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A show prepared especially for Istanbul

Dancers and artists stage the ‘Human Net’ , an act staged in every La Fura dels Baus show using different choreography and elements.

The Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV) celebrates its 40th anniversary with a new project titled “Istanbul Istanbul.” The foundation commissioned La Fura dels Baus, a world renowned theater company known for creating magnificent street theater, digital theater and opera shows, to organize a show for the anniversary celebration. The world premiere of the project will be made on June 21 and 22 at Haliç Camialtı Tersaneleri at 9 p.m.

“Istanbul Istanbul” was promoted June 18 at a press conference held at Haliç Camialtı Tersaneleri by IKSV Director Görgün Taner, the Istanbul Theater Festival Director Dikmen Gürün along with the art directors of La Fura dels Baus, Alex Olle and Carlus Padrissa.

Speaking about the preparations for the project and ongoing works of the La Fura dels Baus, the art directors said they would use the IKSV symbol, which is a motif of four tulips, as a permanent motif for the theater company. The company will use this motif for the first time in its “Istanbul Istanbul” project.
IKSV Director Taner spoke about the significance of the project, while Gürün explained what a pleasure it is to work with a theater company such as La Fura dels Baus for their 40th anniversary.

Following the press conference, dancers and artists staged the “Human Net,” an act staged in every La Fura dels Baus show using different choreography and elements. In the show a team of 60 people attached to each other with ropes performs a special choreography on a platform raised above the ground. La Fura dels Baus will use elements from Istanbul for the first time in the “Human Net” section of their upcoming show.

Performing with volunteer dancers

In the project, the theater company will tell the 40-year adventure of IKSV with the wonders of Istanbul. In this special performance dancers will perform in the sky inside a giant ball along with a magical flying horse overlooking the Golden Horn.

During the performance a nine-meter female puppet, with the face of theater actress Tilbe Saran reflected onto it, will read a poem about Istanbul while dancers in tulip costumes perform a special choreography created by Ayrin Ersöz, on a giant sandglass placed on four cranes.

 Sumru Ağıryürüyen will accompany the show with her songs. Photos and videos of Istanbul, prepared by the IKSV Studio team of Selçuk Metin and Erman Pehlivan, will be shown during the event.

La Fura dels Baus’ “Istanbul Istanbul” will come to life with the help of 80 volunteer dancers chosen from 250 applicants in Istanbul, The company regularly performs open-air shows all around the world with volunteer youths. For “Istanbul Istanbul” there will be three 10-meter stages and two cranes erected in the area.

The theater company’s 40-person international technical team, which includes 15 Spaniards and 25 Turks, has been making preparations in the Haliç Camialtı Tersanesi for five days.

La Fura dels Baus

Mahrec Bilgisi

Started in 1979 as a street theater company, La Fura dels Baus is known for open-air performances, digital theater, street theater and opera. Blurring the boundaries between the audience and the actor, the Catalan company’s original and remarkable performances developed in accordance with the characteristics of the space have a large group of followers from around the world.

Gaining cult status with their play “Accions,” La Fura del Baus prepared the opening ceremony of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, seen live by 500 million viewers. Its open-air performance to celebrate the millennium brought together 20,000 people in Barcelona.

The company had their works staged in famous theater houses around the world, including La Scala, Sydney, Bochum, Paris, Rome, Tokyo Opera Houses and Bolshoi Theater.

AThe company was awarded with the Golden Melies 2003 for the best fantastical film with their
film “Fausto 5.0”.