A new platform for fine art students

A new platform for fine art students

A new platform for fine art students Doğuş Group, in an attempt to support faculties of fine arts students, has initiated a social responsibility project and created a platform entitled “A place for art with Doğuş.” 

Within the scope of the platform, some venues owned by the Doğuş Group have been turned into galleries where students can display their art works. These places include Aralarında D-Gym, Doğuş Center, Gina, La Petite Maison, Doğuş Oto Showroom, Da Mario, Mezzaluna and Kitchenette. 

Within the first 20 days of the announcement, nearly 400 students were registered for the project. The purpose of the project is to turn all venues owned by the group into galleries in the coming days. 

At a recent press conference held to promote the project, the group’s brand, perception and intangible asset manager, Semih Yalman, said the fine art students had demonstrated their creativity with their pieces. 

According to Yalman, the goal in providing this platform was to unite these works with the general public “because students need to be encouraged, liked, supported and become visible.” He added that many had become interested in the project as soon as it was opened to students.

Following the launch of the platform’s website, www.doguslasanatabiyer.com, nearly 700 works by 400 students were published on the website. Along with works from the fine art faculties of 30 Turkish universities, students from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Vienna University of Technology also joined the platform. 

Works featured on the platform include paintings, photographs, videos, sculptures, installations and prints.