A lush paradise in Turkey’s Black Sea: Yedigöller

A lush paradise in Turkey’s Black Sea: Yedigöller

Murat AK
A lush paradise in Turkey’s Black Sea: Yedigöller Imagine a place where you can see all shades of green and nature gives all its beauties and kindnesses. Yedigöller National Park is such a paradise that no one should miss its flowing streams, healing fountains and attractive lakes.

Yedigöller National Park is named after its seven beautiful lakes, which are Sazlıgöl, İncegöl, Nazlıgöl, Küçükgöl, Deringöl, Büyükgöl and Deringöl. These lakes, which are linked with one another, were formed by a landslide which blocked nearby streams. If you ask when the best time to visit Yedigöller is, the answer would be 12 months a year. You can find a combination of the beauties of each season in Yedigöller. Although transportation can be a problem in the winter, it is still worth seeing at this time of the year. However, photography enthusiasts show great interest especially in the spring and autumn. It is possible to see a completely different beauty in Yedigöller in each season. 

Yedigölller is full of extraordinary beauties. One of these is the Pythagorean tree. This tree attracts people with its remarkable triangle feature. It is a must-see point for those who are interested in nature and photography. 

If you follow the footpath, you can observe the national park from a hill, capture numerous beautiful views and breathe in the fresh air, which is something that we cannot find in our city lives, when you arrive at the Kapankaya area.

Moreover, Yedigöller also has an interesting side. The first trout-production station was founded in Yedigöller National Park in 1969. Thus, it is an important reservoir for fishing. Besides, you can easily set up a tent in the area allocated for camping and listen to the ceremonies prepared by its spectacular nature. 

Furthermore, it was once free to barbecue in Yedigöller National Park but it has since been banned - a fair decision considering the risks of inflicting the smallest damage to the splendid beauty of this national park. However, fishing is allowed during certain periods. You can also stay in bungalows or in your caravan if you have one in the park. There are social areas where you can eat and drink in the park. 

It is possible to reach Yedigöller National Park via several routes. You can come from the Yedigöller turnout after driving 152 kilometers on the highway between Ankara and Istanbul. You can come from Bolu and also from Mengen-Yazıcık, if you follow the highway between Ankara-Zonguldak and Istanbul-Zonguldak. It is extremely important to be very careful and not drive so fast, regardless of the road you chose.

Get your freedom and come to Yedigöller to watch the spectacular beauty of nature.