A life dedicated to Aphrodisias

A life dedicated to Aphrodisias

AYDIN – Doğan News Agency
A life dedicated to Aphrodisias

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One of Oxford University’s archaeologists, Prof. Roland R.R. Smith, has dedicated his life to working on the Aphrodisias archaeological excavations in the western province of Aydın’s Karacasu district. Smith, 62, said he is very happy to be in Turkey.

Smith started working on the excavations in 1985 as an assistant to Prof. Kenan Erim. After Erim died in 1990, Smith took over the excavations and spent half of his life in the ancient city. 

He has been the head of excavations in Aphrodisias for 31 years. 

Smith said he was amazed by Turkey when he first came, adding, “I came to Turkey for a few times on holiday until I started working for the excavations. I visited everywhere in Van-Antalya-Istanbul triangle. I made lots of friends. I love Turks; I love their lifestyle.” 

The Scottish-origin Smith said, “When I leave Turkey, a second country to me, I miss kuru fasulye [white bean stew] the most.”