'A Few in Many Places' exhibition in Istanbul

'A Few in Many Places' exhibition in Istanbul

A Few in Many Places exhibition in Istanbul

Protocinema, a cross-cultural art organization, presents “A Few In Many Places,” a multi-city group exhibition which addresses ongoing collapses and cycles of violence, through various forms of collectivity.

Co-curated by Mari Spirito and Abhijan Toto, and taking place in Seoul, Bangkok, Istanbul, New York, Santurce and Guatemala City, all of these interventions use sustainable exhibition-making models of reducing exploitation (of natural resources, labor and knowledge) and consumption (no shipping or flying).

This year, collaborators present works on continuing inequalities happening in both physical and digital realms.
Developed by Protocinema in 2020, “A Few In Many Places” maintains a foot in physical real-life, small and safe get-togethers in each community while utilizing far-reaching digital support structures, to be both hyper-local and globally interconnected.

Each chapter is site-responsive while speaking across the regions and produced in a format that allows for forms of engagement under various conditions of lockdowns or other contingent situations.

The Istanbul show of the exhibition can be seen at Kıraathane Literature House in Beyoğlu neighborhood until July 31.