9 military personnel arrested in Feb 28 case

9 military personnel arrested in Feb 28 case

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
Nine military personnel, including retired Gendarmerie Commander Fevzi Türkeri, were arrested on coup charges in the latest stage of the “post-modern coup” probe on April 26.

The arrested military personnel also included retired lieutenant general Yıldırım Türker, general Lokman Ekinci, general İsmail Hakkı Önder, colonels Yahya Kemal Yakışkan, Mustafa Köseoğlu, Mehmet Haşimoğlu, Atilla Kurtay and sergeant Adem Demir.

Previous arrests

The suspects were questioned by the prosecutor on April 25 about the documents of the “Western Working Group,” which was a committee of military officials that is said to have monitored the government’s activities and kept illegal records of private information about thousands of people, before being sent to court. Türkeri is known as the general who issued briefings to the journalists during the Feb. 28 process.

A total of 26 suspects, including Gen. Çevik Bir were arrested in previous waves of the same probe.

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