Nearly 90 pct of couples ‘to make wedding ceremonies’

Nearly 90 pct of couples ‘to make wedding ceremonies’

Nearly 90 pct of couples ‘to make wedding ceremonies’

Some 88 percent of the couples planning to tie the knot after the summer will organize wedding ceremonies, a survey by the country’s popular website on weddings has shown.

Düğü’s survey showed half of the couples will spend a maximum 50,000 Turkish liras ($2,791) for their ceremonies. The rate of those saving more than 100,000 liras for the ceremonies stayed at 17 percent.

Six in every 10 couples plan a wedding organization for more than 400 guests. Some 42.1 percent will hire out wedding-ceremony halls, whereas some 43.2 percent of the couples prefer countryside weddings.

Some brides ‘to wear four bridal dresses’

The survey also showed that 77.3 percent of the “bride-to-be” will hold henna nights.

When asked about settlement, 61 percent of the couples said they would live in rented houses after the wedding.

The rate of those that will be living in their own apartments is 18 percent. Four in every 10 couples stated that they will pay for the wedding costs with bank credit.

Sixty percent of the couples will afford the expenses themselves, forty percent of the couples’ wedding costs will be afforded by their parents, the survey showed.

One other interesting result of the survey was that some brides are planning to wear four different bridal dresses at their ceremonies.

“These brides have already bought ‘first dance dress,’ ‘cake cutting dress,’ ‘after party dress,’ and a dress for ‘trash the dress’ shootings,” an official of the website said.

“Trash the dress” photos are pictures taken after the wedding in which the bride essentially ruins her dress. It’s a one final creative photoshoot while wearing a gown.