8 killed in PKK attack on police vehicles

8 killed in PKK attack on police vehicles

HAKKARI - Doğan News Agency
8 killed in PKK attack on police vehicles

A wrecked police bus stands by the side of the road after a mine blast hit the vehicle. DHA photo

Eight policemen were killed and seven more were wounded in the eastern province of Bingöl's Karlıova district in a mine blast that occurred as police vehicles were passing through the area, Doğan news agency reported.
The mine, which was detonated by remote control by suspected PKK militants, struck a police bus with officers on board.

Four Turkish soldiers killed in attack to convoy

Four Turkish soldiers were killed and five more were wounded yesterday in a suspected Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) attack during the passing of a military convoy, Doğan news agency reported.

Explosives were detonated remotely by suspected PKK members as the military convoy was moving near a Hakkari village, 35 kilometers to town center around 2:00 PM.

Operations followed the blast. Armoured vehicles and helicopters were sent to the area immediately.

Clashes continue in the area.

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