65 inmates test positive for COVID-19 in İzmir prison

65 inmates test positive for COVID-19 in İzmir prison

65 inmates test positive for COVID-19 in İzmir prison

The İzmir Chief Public Prosecutors’ Office has announced that 65 inmates and arrestees in the province’s Buca Prison have tested positive for COVID-19.

In a written statement, the chief prosecutor’s office announced that the first coronavirus case was detected in Buca Prison on April 19. Following the first confirmation, “extensive” works to trace those that were in contact with the prisoners were conducted, according to the statement.

Turkey calls this contact tracing the “filiation” method, Turkey, meticulously finding those that could potentially be infected with the virus due to their contact with a COVID-19-positive patient.

With regards to the development, 64 more inmates and arrestees, who had contact with the first confirmed case, have been tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

The statement added that a total of 65 inmates and arrestees from the prison are currently under treatment.

A 70-year-old convict, who was suffering from cardiac disorders, was being treated at an intensive care unit, but was referred to the hospital’s service unit as his condition was ameliorating.

“All of the convicts’ general health is good,” the statement said.

Parliament ratified a bill on April 14 which will reduce the sentences of nearly 90,000 prisoners and release them in a bid to reduce overcrowding and protect them from a potential outbreak of the coronavirus in Turkish prisons.