5th Istanbul Design Biennial ends with Büyükada Songlines

5th Istanbul Design Biennial ends with Büyükada Songlines

5th Istanbul Design Biennial ends with Büyükada Songlines

The fifth Istanbul Design Biennial, titled “Empathy Revisited: Designs for more than one,” has reached an end with a new project titled Büyükada Songlines, which is a floating garden populated by plants, soil, insects and birds.

It was opened to visit in Büyükada, the largest island of the Prince’s Islands archipelago, on June 23, before heading towards the mainland on June 30 to welcome its visitors in the Golden Horn.

On July 12, the project sailed back to Büyükada, its permanent destination. Both a design project and a journey, the garden hosted people and other animals, events and conversations, becoming a nomadic pavilion populated by the life and the stories of the archipelago.

Hosting unique research features regarding the soils and minerals of the islands, the floating garden was animated by a program and co-curated by The Young Curators Group, World Heritage Islands and Marine Life Conservation Society in June.

The permanent installations within the scope of the New Civic Rituals of the fifth Istanbul Design Biennial, which started in October 2020, can be seen at various points in Istanbul.

“Point Cloud” at Aykut Barka Park, “Public Devices for Therapy” at Etiler Artists Park, “Desiccate With Care” and “Germinator” at the Fenerbahçe Park Community Garden, “Solar Kitchen” at Istanbul Bilgi University santralistanbul Campus, “The Revolution Woodstove” at Karaköy Pier, “Sundial of the Blind” at Moda Coastal Park and “Dansbana! Kalamış” at Kalamış Park are all open to visitors in Istanbul.