50 Cent, world stars to come to Istanbul

50 Cent, world stars to come to Istanbul

50 Cent, world stars to come to Istanbul

50 Cent will perform at KüçükÇiftlik Park on Aug 30. REUTERS photo

50 Cent will perform in Küçükçiftlik Park as part of the first Velvet Villains Vestival on Aug 30. The urban festival will offer many different genres of music from hip-hop to R&B, from dubstep to house. There will be six live performances and more than 10 DJs from all around the world at the festival.

The Velvet Villains Vestival is a new movement, the first urban festival in the history of Istanbul. Sky Blue of LMFO, Inna, Akon, and the Far Est Movement are among the artists at the festival.

NE-YO, a Grammy award winning singer, songwriter, composer, and producer, will also be on stage. In less than five years, he’s produced three No. 1 albums, sold more than 10 million copies worldwide, and collaborated with artists from Michael Jackson to Tim McGraw.

Rapper and producer 50 Cent is famous for his albums “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” and “The Massacre.”

Ahead of the festival 50 Cent will be in the DR store at the Trump Shopping Mall on Aug. 29, signing the headphones and music accessories that he has created.