2018 will be breakthrough year: Turkish minister

2018 will be breakthrough year: Turkish minister

ANKARA – Anadolu Agency
2018 will be breakthrough year: Turkish minister

The year 2018 will be a breakthrough year in technology, Turkey’s science, industry and technology minister told foreign investors in the capital Ankara on Jan. 16.

Faruk Özlü said 2018 would be a breakthrough year in technology with Turkey’s local production policy.

“This year, we will boost the number of our R&D centers to 1,000, design centers to 250 and technoparks to 80,” said Özlü.

In 2017, 436 R&D centers and 136 design centers were established in Turkey, making a total of 773 R&D centers and 142 design centers, he explained.

He added that five new technology development zones were established in 2017 and Turkey now boasts 69 technoparks, with five more on the way.

In a speech, Özlü said foreign capital has made major contributions to Turkey’s overseas expansion and development.

Özlü said Turkey has never been an introverted country, but is in fact a versatile country, which tracks trends well and has stable policies which make its economy resistant to shocks.

Özlü added that Turkey never retreated in the face of forces targeting its economy for political reasons.

‘Brilliant’ 2017

Özlü also said 2017 was a brilliant year for the Turkish economy.

“Thanks to our economic policies, all our sectors, especially finance, proved they are durable and resistant. Now it is clear Turkey has a very ripe environment for foreign investment. Direct foreign investment seeks secure countries,” he said.

“Turkey is a secure country for all. Our young, dynamic population of nearly 30 million is our biggest guarantee,” Özlu said.

He added that Turkey’s industry grew 6.8 percent in 2017’s first quarter, followed by 7.2 percent and 14.8 percent in the second and third quarters.

Turkey is focused on high technology and local production and will put this into practice with local and national production policies in 2018, said Özlü.