2 officials discharged after ‘martyr’ records

2 officials discharged after ‘martyr’ records

SİİRT - Doğan News Agency
Two officers from the Siirt Registry Office were suspended from duty yesterday after it was revealed that four members of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) who were killed in a clash with security forces were revealed to have been registered as “martyrs” in the southeastern province of Siirt’s death records.

Siirt Governor Ahmet Aydın said an investigation has been launched against the two officers, Osman V. and Şakir B.

“Just after the incident was revealed, we as a governor’s office conveyed the subject to the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office. The prosecutor opened a judiciary investigation, while the governor’s office launched an administrative investigation,” Aydin said.

Aydın added that the two officers who took that action were questioned.

“They said they mistakenly recorded the killed terrorists as martyrs. After the investigation, it will be revealed whether they did it mistakenly or deliberately. The bilateral investigation is ongoing,” Aydın said.
A prosecutor who opened proceedings concerning the PKK members who were killed in Siirt’s August clashes, sent a letter to the relevant registry office for the deceased to be registered.

When the Siirt Police Office sent a letter to the Siirt Registry Office for an update on the killed PKK members and demanded their records, it was revealed that the four PKK members were registered as “martyrs” in the death records.