10 reasons why Turks love Tarkan

10 reasons why Turks love Tarkan

Sebla Koçan – ISTANBUL
10 reasons why Turks love Tarkan 1. He is sensitive

He is a man of heart and the voice of Turkish feelings. He has no monkey business and is extremely authentic. He says what he wants.

2. He is impulsive

He is a real antidote. He dances the way he wants. No one can dance like him as he sets his soul free. If it is electronic he dances electronic, if it is rock he makes rock, if it is pop he makes pop and if it is a-la-turca he dances a-la-turca. He has no limits. When the question is music, there is nothing left to say. Tarkan is the bravest man in Turkey. 

3. He is self-confident

He is free. Before watching him, or before being enslaved by him, you can drink your coffee, because you do not need anything else to watch him. He is also the best on stage. Because he is the best and he knows it, he actually does not need to do anything.

4. He has nothing to do with polemics

He has no ego. Tarkan is an unseen hero without arrogance, fighting or polemics. He has no problem with failure. He can accept it and keeps on struggling. He does not have to write songs because the best songwriters come to him themselves.

10 reasons why Turks love Tarkan

5. He can ridicule himself

He sets it free. If he says “I will expand abroad,” he will. But he comes home later. He gives his friends credit where it is due. He ridicules himself and allures. He puts his glasses on and sets the Thames on fire. And he goes.

6. He is fragile

He invites but he is a real fragile. He actually loves people a lot but when he is hurt, he disappears because he is a real musician and artist. He returns when he picks up. And it is surely a complete return. He never disappoints.

10 reasons why Turks love Tarkan

7. He is funny

Let us not upset him, but make him laugh.

8. He is cute

He is a soft person. A real Tarkan listener dances to the song “Kuzu Kuzu” when he/she gets angry. 

9. He is conscientious

As you will recall, in a time when many musicians did not know what to do and thought long and hard about the pros and cons during Gezi protests, he did not hesitate to go there without calculation. On Valentine’s Day, he sent kisses to his fans on YouTube and said “I am with you.”

10 reasons why Turks love Tarkan

10. He is everyone’s Tarkan

He is open. You can go to listen to him together with three generations. Everyone can be there; your mother, father, children, cousins and friends.