Zorlu Center PSM opens stage for young talents

Zorlu Center PSM opens stage for young talents

Zorlu Center PSM opens stage for young talents

Haldun Dormen (L) and Ray Cullom pose together in the opening of the ‘City Stage’ at Zorlu Center PSM.

The Istanbul Zorlu Center PSM opened a new platform to bring together veteran artists and audiences on Feb 20.

Zorlu Center PSM, Istanbul’s latest art and culture venue, presented its newest initiative, “City Stage,” where performing arts and artists of every type will take the stage to inspire and delight audiences at free public performances.

The objective of the public performance project is to encourage emerging talents and to provide them with an opportunity to share their art with the community. Every genre of music and performing art will be considered.

“City Stage” will host two separate activities, namely “The Stage is Yours” and “Artist Talks.” While “The Stage is Yours” enables all artists, ranging from young amateurs to professionals, to display various types of art in front of a live audience, the “Artist Talks” series will create the platform for the audience to meet and interact with their favorite artists.

The new project was opened with a talk by the doyen of Turkish theater, Haldun Dormen. Following a talk on musicals with Dormen and Zorlu Center PSM Director Ray Cullom, Dormen’s students took the stage and presented a mini-performance.

Talks at “City Stage” will be held four days a week, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 7 and 7:45 p.m.

The platform will function as a social responsibility project, as performers will not be paid for their performances, and Zorlu Center PSM will not earn revenue from the events.